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We provide a healthy number of suppliers with a vast range of products available through just one contact.



Express Trade International is committed to establishing a channel for a range of goods to be purchased from a single point of contact. Our contacts allow us the satisfaction of providing clients a range of suppliers with different products they can acquire just by contacting us. A one stop supplier shop.



We are a one stop shop for any clients that need products to stock their businesses, or that are looking for distributors for their own products. Our clients are not limited to any one kind of entity.



Some products we can provide include, rice, coffee, sugar, palm oil, vegetable oil, high quality natural spring water, health supplements(specific to males and females), electric scooters and much much more. These products are just an example - the odds are if you need a product, we can find it for you.



Our ever growing list of contacts allows us the ability to provide you with the right supplier at the right price, whatever the product may be. Furthermore, because we may be working in large quantities, our buying power allows us to drive down prices on goods for you.



Whatever the product you are looking for, or are looking to distribute, or even if you are a distributor looking for new clients, Contact us today. You can also send an email with your enquiry to

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"Express Trade International Ltd. is committed to providing quality services to clients that either have difficulty locating certain services, or are looking for more competitive pricing or faster delivery on the services they are purchasing now. From locating goods or buyers, to shipping, to complete security solutions. No task is too big or too small, and all are within our range of services..."


-Board of Directors