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Shipping Solutions At Your Fingertips



In an ever shrinking global environment, the need for transportation of belongings or goods is ever increasing. Whether by sea or air, we at Express Trade International can fulfil that need promptly and efficiently.



People are crossing borders for various reasons in today’s environment. For example, students travelling abroad to further their education, professionals finding better positions abroad, or even individuals or families looking for a new beginning in a far off land.



When any one of these scenarios relates to you, any belongings you have at your previous domicile will need relocating. We will provide you the peace of mind by transporting your belongings from door to door, so your move can be a peaceful one.



In addition, if you have goods that need to be transported to a client, we will be there. Whatever your needs, we have the solution for your shipping.



Whether your shipping needs are personal or business related, Contact us today! Or send us an email with details of enquiry at


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