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About Us - Solutions At Your Fingertips


 Our Corporate Objective


Born from an idea of import and export businesses that have to search for different suppliers for their product and service needs, Express Trade International Ltd. is a one stop shop for companies to reduce their time and expense in sourcing products and services for their clients or business. Express Trade International Ltd. targets businesses all across the globe by:


>> Developing a large database of suppliers with the largest range of products and services.

>>  Establishing distributors globally who are in need of suppliers for any product or products.

>> Use of strong relationships to provide extremely competitive price ratios.

>> Dealing with reliable, quality companies to ensure that our clients will never deal with sub par products or services.

>> Use of experienced personnel, a strong contact base and professional methods to deliver security solutions. 

>> Working within the strict guidelines of the UK, USA and EU to reduce the risk of fraud, and or theft of goods.


 Our Presence


Incorporated in 2009, Express Trade International Ltd is based in Bournemouth, England with representatives established in Dallas, Texas, and firm contact bases in the Continental EU, South America, and The Asia Pacific Region. With over 20 years worth of collective experience and expertise in various fields between the Directors, Express Trade International Ltd aims to be the leading product and services broker within these regions.



 Our Service Range


The ethos of Express Trade International Ltd, is that no job is too big or too small, and no client request should be beyond the range of what we can deliver. With a Directors and Management team whose collective experience and expertise encompasses a hugeley diverse range of sectors, we aim to deliver:


>> The biggest and most diverse range of products and services from one source.


>> A range that includes Highline Vehicles, Complete Security Services and Solutions, Agricultural Goods, Frozen Food, and Ambient Products. Plus many more...


>> A range with all products and services of superior quality.


>> A range with name brands and/or generic brands, depending on your needs.


>> A range with all products and services competitively priced.


Our aim is to deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it, and always at a competitive price and top quality. Contact us with your queries or request, and we'll provide you with a tailor made solution. Problem Solved!



 Area of Operations:



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"Express Trade International Ltd. is committed to providing quality services to clients that either have difficulty locating certain services, or are looking for more competitive pricing or faster delivery on the services they are purchasing now. From locating goods or buyers, to shipping, to complete security solutions. No task is too big or too small, and all are within our range of services..."


-Board of Directors